Thursday, February 5, 2015


We will celebrate our anniversary this month, the 18th.  Seven years together, and again I repeat, I am smitten for life.  We have the usual ups and downs but this man God gave me is the treasure of my life.  He loves me well, understands when most wouldn't, supports me totally and loves unconditionally.  He treats my kids as his own, again, when some wouldn't.  Having a child in prison can test biologic parents, he rides the waves and speaks up when he feels he should, always offering a sympathetic ear and shoulder.

My first marriage was radically different and I can tend to forget that David is not that man and thinks totally differently.  His gentleness and generous love holds me, safe.  The way he loves God makes me know that it is so.  He leads gently, always considering my thoughts and feelings.  I trust in His leadership.

I still feel giddy and every day around 3:30 am excited to see our cruiser come in the driveway.  In my heart i'm a young woman in his presence. 

Looking forward to this celebration of two hearts miraculously brought together by the Father, and a heart that overflows with gratitude.