Thursday, January 8, 2015


As is my custom, I came on the computer this morning and browsed through Facebook, checked email and as I lit my incense and candles, recounted the things that are wrong in my world this morning.  The counted on responses that didn't come through, the expectations that remain unfulfilled.  As these feelings grew and grew, I prayed about them...incorrectly. 

I found my way to Ann Voskamp's January 6 offering.  I feel a kindredness with her as I have not found before with an author.  I have many favorites, but no one else seems to best express my own feelings....better than I can myself.  She is to my Christian reading what Jackson Browne is to my music, lol.  In that Jan. 6 reading she referenced a site by a friend, Kara Tippetts.  Kara is dying with cancer and she has a blog.  I read a couple, including yesterdays entry.  Not what you'd expect, she is brave and shining and a glorious testimony.

While I sincerely believe that everyone's pain is pain they're experiencing, which makes it legit, there is pain....AND THEN THERE IS PAIN.  This woman is sharing her experience with grace and openness that is so inspiring.  It restored my perception but quick.  If you get a chance you should definitely check it out:

I was immediately so thankful for the life I have.  Because through the struggles, however serious or mundane they may be, there is joy, peace and love intermingled because of Christ.  And those moments of laughter, sharing, being with loved ones, make everything worth it.  And ultimately, to know that Christ holds our hands, if we know Him, all the way till the end is the utmost comfort.

Whether you have millions, or next to nothing, it's about relationship.  Firstly, of course, the most important, with Christ, all else flows from that.  Then our loved ones.  I hesitate to say family, because truly (though it's becoming cliche) those in our family are often not blood-related.  The times with family, you realize as you mature, are what's most important here, before eternity.  In fact, those are glimpses of it if we love and serve Christ.  Just joy, laughter, love.  Because we are "here" and not "there" yet, there is weeping as well.  Our pain and sorrow is divided when with loved ones, we buoy one another up.

So, on the 8th day of the new year, yes, there are problems to face and deal with.  But there is so very much to be thankful for.  Opening my eyes in the morning, seeing my beloved beside me and our little furry child, makes me smile every time.  And I can rest in the love of a man that is faithful to our covenant with one another, he loves me well and keeps promises.  Lord, please help me to always see my blessings, and to trust You with everything.