Thursday, October 30, 2014

Today, I Celebrate!

Today is a very special day to me. 

Renaissance Man fell in love with a very insecure woman.  Having waited for 18 years for a Godly man, the one the Lord chose for me, we were separated by his living in Texas and I in Oregon.  He would visit back and forth, but it was becoming harder and harder to see him go, and would throw me into a funk that could last days.  So he was visiting and on the phone with his brother.  He had told me perhaps he would lengthen his stay, but then I heard him tell his brother he'd be back on the date on the return flight ticket.  My heart sank, though I knew he had to go eventually.  I went into the bedroom to cry a little while he finished his call.  He came in to me, held me and said he was going back, but to pack up and move to me, he'd be back by Halloween, a month's time. 

Those words were light and life to my heart!  One month and he would leave no more.  It was a long, long month.  He had dedicated two songs to me, "Still" by Emerson, Lake & Palmer, and "Lady" by Styx.  So I got both the CD's and played ELP non-stop in his absence, driving our kids, Molly and Will, crazy!!  lol  They had married and were living with me and witnessed my descent into madness.  ;) 

So on the 30th, I decided to go out and get some balloons, a Welcome Home banner and streamers and stuff.  Molly and I went out and I was so excited, one more day!!  So we came up the long staircase, and I heard voices.....DAVID!!!!  He drove almost non-stop 2,000 miles and had arrived while I was gone!  He and Will were going out for a beer.

I'll never forget his arms around me, at last my heart was at home, at peace.  This man is the greatest gift of my life.  At a time when finding anyone felt hopeless, with the very few men I had met, it either didn't click, or they weren't interested.  And all along, God knew why.  He was waiting for the one that was perfect for me.  That is not to say that we don't have disagreements, and we're very, very different from one another.  But our interests are much alike, and most importantly, we love the Lord with all our hearts.

We will celebrate our anniversary in February, it will be 8 years.  I am even more in love with this man, I am fond to say that I am smitten for life.  I can get giddy thinking of him, and when he walks through the room in his jeans and t-shirt, the attraction is still there.

I have dubbed him Renaissance Man.  He can BBQ and loves to create in the kitchen, makes a spaghetti sauce to die for, he mows the lawns, reaches me things I can't, NEVER, EVER complains, senses when i'm having a rough time and always tells me it will be alright, and I believe him....he's never lied to me.  He can explain all about astronomy and owns a huge telescope to look at the heavens, he reads Sci-Fi, likes kids' movies and happy endings.  He knows that the Eagles opened for Jethro Tull (I didn't believe him, had to Google, lol).  He's been to so many concerts he's lost track.  He loves his kids to a fault...and mine.  I could go on and on, but you get the picture....Renaissance Man.

He knows what I need even before I do at times, and he takes care of that.  He takes me to see my son, even if that means his sitting in the car with the dog for almost 8 hours.  He cooks for me sometimes and dances in the kitchen with me, like the other night to Van Morrison's "Crazy Love."  I am blessed beyond belief.  Whatever comes our way, to have known this fairytale love with my David, cancels out all the bad stuff.  I can only repeat "thank you" to a loving Father.  So I celebrate today in my heart, just me and the Lord.  Renaissance Man is hard at work.

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