Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bad Prose....or Poetry??

The peaceful rain falls and falls
I thank Him for my new, wetter home
Unlike most, it brings peace to my soul
It's like a world-, or at least a city-event
That is shared and it brings life
The grass that was parched and brown
Is an emerald carpet once again
It's like a territory-wide time-out
Putting worry and appointments on hold
To water the earth, to prepare for Winter
I've always felt this way, perhaps because I grew up in the desert
Rain is festive and happy
Drop by drop it creates streams and rivers
The flip-side is it gives "voice" to my deepest sorrows
It says "I understand" with every drop
It draws me close to my Father
He created everything, including this watery melody
Where sadness too deep to convey, flows outward
Back into His hands.
I love the rain, it's my natural habitat
Constant and washing everything clean again
I rest, I rest to the sounds of rushing water.

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