Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Observations on the Way Home

Days are filled with making appointments, homemaking and being in here, my blessed Monastery.  I named this room the Monastery because it felt sacred as soon as we got it together.  I often have my devotions in here, read the Word, pray.  Some candles, incense and music from Pandora.  This room is my sanctuary, I can just turn left to look out at the back yard I thought I may never have again.  This morning is overcast and a little foggy, my very favorite kind of morning.  I looked out and thought I could see a squirrel around the bottom of the apple tree.  Got my binoculars and sure enough.  He, or she, is a beauty.  A simple gray squirrel, but bushy, beautiful tail, he was holding one of the crab apples and having breakfast.  I am not heartless, lol, I waited until he stopped eating to alert my mighty huntress Sadie-dog.  I walked softly to the kitchen where she was and whispered, "Sadie" she knows what that behavior means and was to the sliding door like a shot, I opened it and off she went, and off he went, lol, her little badger-dog instincts full tilt.
This little bit of mundane activity is Heaven for me.  It nourishes my soul.  We have a chain link fence, and there is a business right behind us, so not much privacy.  I thought it would really bother me, but i've gotten used to it.  We still have our resident squirrel, a bluebird that hangs around and seemingly in cyclical fashion, some crows, which I love. 

Our table, umbrella and chairs now sit idle.  We must bring them in for the Winter.  But the jalapeno plant and herbs thrive still, producing.  Pumpkins and mums adorn the front of Fairhaven....that's the name of our little place.  A sister name to a not-blood sister's home, Bridgehaven.  :) 

I'm wondering whether to actually post this or not, I mean, what's the point?  The point is that no matter what is happening in life, solace can always be found in nature and in our own little nests.  When Christ is the center of everything, there is blessing where He is.  I'm learning that just because the Lord allowed a season in the wilderness, doesn't mean once delivered you will live care-free.  I suppose it means you're better equipped for what may lie ahead, or at any rate, definitely filled with gratitude that He's with you and promised to see you through anything.  Which prompts my heart to pray for those that do not know His love, grace and mercy.  Enjoying this season with my love, craving time with loved ones, making the way home.

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