Saturday, November 2, 2013

My Own Brief Saturday Rant

Okay, following suit with a friend on Facebook, here's a Saturday rant. 

First, let's clarify.  I am a Christian, a Jesus-follower, however you want to describe someone that loves Christ and follows him, leave pre-conceived notions and judgments at the door please.  I am also speaking to the same.

I have been silent, but just gotta get this out.  I go to this person's page and that person's page and find New Age crap.  What the heck!  These are professing Christians and they have that junk all over their pages.  Did I miss something????  The Bible tells us we will suffer, not to be surprised by it, but that Jesus is with us and will go through it with us.  That goes directly against what most of these philosophies teach.

I love these people and it is scary that they have tried to combine New Age thinking with their Christianity.  Romans 1:25.  I have to say, the ones I know seem to not want to admit that life can be rotten sometimes and there's no way around it, only through it.  Just change your outlook, meditate on what you want and it will come.  Completely opposed to the Word.

Ah well, who am I anyway?  I do love them, and trust they love me.  I know i'm not a shining example all the time.  But does that mean that i'm to just overlook this stuff and say nothing?  The concern is the future.  What will happen when it all doesn't take place, when all the positive thinking in the world doesn't get rid of the cancer, or the death of a loved one, or the promised riches don't come?  There is such misery in life that it can take the wind right out of you and leave you wondering how to go on.  BUT there is also One who will carry you when you can't go on, who will heal your broken heart and walk with you through that final door.  He is where I want my energy to go, my time spent on, learning more of this God that transcends bad stuff and can fill our hearts with such joy in the midst of hell that our eyes are moved off ourselves and onto the eternal.

Short rant over.

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