Monday, November 18, 2013


I have seen a few things on Facebook these days about the homeless and struggling.  The implication is that they are lazy, that's why they are in the state they're in.  While i'm certain this is true in some cases, here are some truths I also know firsthand.

As most of you know, Dave has been unable to find permanent work for over 6 years.  He's very intelligent, has a great work ethic and holds an MBA.  Through the kindness of family and friends, above all, the Lord working through them, we have been able to stay in our little apartment, not forcing ourselves on family, or becoming homeless.  But this is what happens when you are on this path, I can't imagine traveling on it without the Lord.

When Dave got this job in Vancouver, I had some valid fears, though the Lord can take those away.  I feel as though I don't have the strength after all this time to do what is required.  I won't go through the litany of reasons, but it is entirely possible to be so overwhelmed by what's already happened in life that you become incapable of doing the next thing, even if it is your salvation, so to speak.  

The Lord will help me and I will get through this, He is ever faithful to us.  I intend to write a lot about that after we get settled.  But if I feel this way, in a comfortable, clean, warm (or cool as the season dictates) environment, how must those living on the street feel?  If they were to even get a job, where do they get cleaned up, how can they work on an empty stomach.  And some are addicts, granted that they have done this to themselves, are we to be without pity....but for the grace of God, as the saying goes, that could be me.  And yes, there are those that choose that lifestyle, not wanting the confines of accountability.  

We must leave each person to God's judgement, not our own.  We have no idea what led them to where they are, why they can't seem to function.  

So, I ask myself, what's my point?  I guess there are a few, one, even when someone receives what looks like the answer to their problems, they still need support and help to make the transitions involved.  We still need to not judge the homeless.  The missions do a remarkable job and at least supply the immediate needs to some.  The greater answer is the soul answer.  Only God can do the truly miraculous work that needs to take place in our hearts and minds.  Only He can deliver and provide.  

My heart will never not go out (bad writing there, lol) to the homeless.  No one really wants to be there, or at least didn't at one time.  As they say, "they" are someone's baby boy or baby girl.  Problem with that saying is, perhaps they weren't wanted, or cherished and have spent their lives searching for that acceptance in the wrong places.  Whatever the issues are, God knows and He knows each heart, loves each one and longs to embrace them and bring all that's needed.  

So, I bristle when I see these things on Facebook, but I realize there are many views.  God help those of us who claim His name to see with His eyes and feel with His heart.♥

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