Tuesday, September 22, 2015


I am so enjoying the sights and smells of one of my two favorite seasons!  I love Fall, it is the prelude, mysterious and adorned in radiant color.  Then follows Winter, quiet, serene, crystal cold.  Time to be cozy indoors and contemplative.

I noticed this morning when I blew out my Pumpkin Pie candle that the embers glowed for some time on the wicks, I blew gently and I would've sworn the fire would revive.  But of course, if I blew it out and left it, all would be cold soon.

It got me to thinking of sin like that.  Often times I get rid of it, but it only takes a slight re-visiting before it is ablaze again.  It seems so many battles are fought in the mind before they come to fruition in our lives.  If I take every thought captive, then nothing can get even the slightest grip to grow.  But I don't always do that.  I can rationalize or make excuses and before I know it, I am back, at the foot of the cross asking for forgiveness, mercy and grace....and I always receive it.

Christ is not like us, He does not make me re-hash it, rub it in that He told me so in His Word, He simply sees my repentant heart and forgives and then strengthens me.  The enemy would have me believe that He won't take me back, He won't forgive me that quick, if at all, he tells me I am not worthy of such love.  But I know better, I stake my life on it.

I am so thankful for a Savior who saves again and again.  Saves me from sin, from myself and from others.  When I stumble, He is faithful to catch me, when I knowingly wander, He disciplines and brings me back and loves me.  Everyday grace is what keeps me, I cannot thank Him enough.  My motto is "I'm so glad He knows my heart."  He knows when I am fooling myself, He knows when motives were misunderstood, He knows just how deep that hurt was, and He knows when I have been quick to judge and be unloving.  He comes to me, ministers to me and is all I need.  Yes, Eucharisteo in all things.

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