Saturday, September 5, 2015


Like so many, my heart broke over this little refugee who lost his life.  And it drew my attention to all these refugees, looking for somewhere to just "be."  All of the clich'ed feelings come into play, gratitude for living in America, gratitude for safety and food and shelter.  But because Christ lives in me it went beyond that.  I was urged to really contemplate this and put myself as best I could imagine, in their shoes. 

I am grieved over the world's response to this whole scenario.  How does the whole world allow Isis and those like them to exist?  How can they be so elusive...I believe if the world united against them, there would be nowhere they could hide.  If such things were in America on the scale they are elsewhere, we might be more inclined to help.

I don't believe politics and God should be blended together.  So I don't see this really in any way as a political issue.  I see it as a God issue.   The Word says that God is love, it says that if we give a cup of water to someone in His name, it is the same as giving it to Him.  So I am praying that America and Canada will rise up and offer floods of compassionate help to these refugees.  Let the Christians and others be moved to do something.  For those of us without the funds to help, you can sign petitions and raise awareness.

Bottom line is, my heart hurts for all these people.  Most people just want to live in peace, this is not too much to ask.  I pray to the Lord that He answer the prayers of His people and intervene.  Meantime, may our hearts remain tender to those struggling just to survive, including those in the womb.

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