Friday, November 28, 2014

This Man God Gave Me

The move has brought such good things, and of course, also many challenges that I won't go into here.

But I am thinking of the man I love in this afternoon rain.  How we met through our sweet, sweet kids.  And how the Lord constructed a love story we never could have dreamed of.

I had made my kids my priority after my divorce, but I missed having someone.  And when they got older I really wanted to remarry.  I prayed and prayed.  I knew I would not settle, and the first pre-requisite was that they love the Lord and attend church.

I met Dave.  He sent me love songs, "Still" by ELP, and "Lady" by Styx, made my heart stop.  You see Dave's not a talker or a romancer per se, but he gets all the important stuff exactly right.  And right from the get-go, I knew my weight didn't matter to him, other than health-wise.  He tells me often that i'm beautiful.  And we women like that, even if we don't believe it ourselves.  As long as he sees me that way, that's all that matters.

One of the first things that so touched my heart was during one of his early visits.  We went to Calvary Church, when Ron was Pastor, Wed. night service when music included Dave Wurst and others, so sweet.  It was communion night, we went over to have communion, and he got down on the floor and bowed all the way down till his head touched the floor, remained there for a while in prayer.  I knew that he loved the Lord, and he was with me in church.  Dave's prayers are simple, but heart-felt and I love them.

He does a million things to say he loves me without the words....though he says those words every day too.  If I like something, he will walk in with it if possible. 

At a time in my life when I really thought it was kinda over, living with the kids, the Lord gave me Dave.  It was and is fairy-tale love.  I never knew it really does, with God.  Dave told me right from the beginning that I was safe, it meant the world to me, because I was scared.  He didn't lie, I am.

I watched this man carry himself with honor and dignity through 7 years unable to obtain steady employment.  His heart was breaking, but he took good care of me and our little pup, always putting himself last.  The silver lining that we clearly see now, we were together 24/7 during that time and that was the gift wrapped up in the trial.  We never turned on one another, each day together was sweet and we were grateful.

I want to encourage any single gals out there that think the Lord has forgotten you in this area, that it just can't or won't happen.  No, no!  You keep waiting on the Lord, I waited 18 years, and David was worth every one!!!  Only God knows the why of His timing, but He has blessed me abundantly in my wonderful husband.  We have our moments, but they don't usually last too long.  :)

I will forever give thanks and praise to God for David, my love.

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