Monday, August 4, 2014


How the Summer drains me.  I am not outdoorsy, I do NOT enjoy the sun, give me rainy, overcast days any time.  The heat just melts me.  And now that we are in a place without a/c, I am really suffering.  We will get a portable a/c next year if we are still here.  But this Summer brought events that I do love.  Our Grandkids, free of school schedules, were able to come for a week.  Our home was filled with life, laughter, drawing, silliness, cartoons, computer games and book reading.  Their sweet little faces, so missed, so longed for, right here with us. 
And then our big kids came with their two pups.  Poor Mattie had just had surgery and wasn't herself.  She was to have bed-rest and stay on her meds.  Unfortunately, those meds made her easily agitated and she had some issues with their younger pup, Max, and Sadie got in between them by accident and wound up getting hurt, but she's fine.  She's a good sport our little angel.  :)  So once we figured out what was happening, Mattie was quarantined to the bedroom, Sadie & Max got along pretty good, although he was too amorous for Sadie's taste and he left many times rebuffed.  ;) 

In the course of the two weeks, we visited Herman at the fish hatchery, a HUGE sturgeon, saw waterfalls, went to OMSI, went out to eat at the Kells and Slappycakes in Portland.  Visited Powell's Books a couple times and drooled our way through Sur La Table, a kitchen store.  Dave and I haven't done this much in 7 years.  What fun, with people we love so deeply.  And one really special visit was with Autumn, the Grandkids' mom.  We haven't had a chance to sit and talk, so that was really nice.

But that alligator.  He's sneaky and stealthy, and when I least expect it, in the middle of the frivolity, I see his tail go round the corner again.  Ever reminding me that things may not be as they seem....or may not last.  What he doesn't know is that he only serves to remind me that I am not to look to any human being for fulfillment, purpose, security or safety, only to Christ.  And so this week, in the quiet, while cleaning and reminiscing, I am drawing close to the Lover of my soul, the One who loves me best and no matter what.  I need to be with Him more.  For all the joy that the past months have brought, there have also been sorrows that pervade and have to be dealt with, such is life.  But if I hold tight to His hand, it will be alright. 

I watched my nephew and his beautiful bride get married over the weekend.  How the time flies, I remember my first wedding, and coming to Oregon and seeing Ron & Suz, all of us sooooo young.   And now there was their youngest, getting married.  I thought of Josh, how this is what I wanted for him, and how wrong it all had gone.  And still, I scan the crowd and see my love, chatting away to our dear friends from Calvary Church and am so thankful to have him, more than there are words to tell. 

While I think it is a time to reflect and remember, it is also a time of rest and healing for us, and I am just realizing this may take some time.  No problem, the Lord holds us in His hands.  I simply need to quiet the voices, still the worries and trust.

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