Friday, August 15, 2014

Ode to Sadie ♥

I look into your eyes and see
My sweet friend looking back at me
At my most sorrowful time
You stayed right by my side
You're goofy and bright
And your love has sustained me
Your little furry warm body next to me
Lets me know you care in unspoken words
It's all about socks and balls
And treats of course
But when I look in your eyes
There's more there than an animal
I am convinced you see that you have invisible wings
That God sent you to us from Heaven
You are an angel to encourage, to abide, to bless
In our brokenness and despair
You needed a home and chose us
So many pet poems out there
How can I make this distinct
Our very survival might have hung on caring for this little Doxie pup
The love we 3 share is big love, it will never, ever stop.

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