Thursday, January 2, 2014

Unexpected Blessings

I had an unexpected visit today with a friend I met at a very special place, The Dancing Otter.  That was one of those magical times in life where you find what you were meant to find and it lasts as long as it lasts.  You meet kindred spirits that you wouldn't have met otherwise.  

How very blessed those times were.  A place where art flourished all around you, visually, audibly and spiritually.  I always find it interesting how souls connect, and how you can be around new people a while and slowly gravitate more to some than others.  As time goes on, some you trusted immediately and felt connected to, fall away, and others you grow closer to with time.  Sometimes a quick connection cannot sustain itself, while a more gradual "knowing" is like a cord of three strands, not easily broken.

My friend, Kim, is an amazing woman.  I look in astonishment at her page she posts of her teaching.  Lucky kids those, to have a person like this in their lives.  To point out the miracles in the world, so much to learn and wonder about.  She nurtures wonder and prompts her students to seek the answers, rather than just telling them.  That kind of teaching sticks, they find answers, and are also taught how to find them.  She comes from a gentle place, how many kids today can benefit from that!  When many don't find it at home or anywhere else in their world, this teacher sees their worth and nurtures it.  I pray the Lord will bless my friend for her kindness poured into her kids. 

As we chatted, for the first time really without others present, I felt as though we'd been friends for years.  I would've missed knowing this truly special person if not for The Dancing Otter.  And the gift she gave us today will be cherished.  Mostly because it is her creation, and she is such a gifted artist, and also for the times it represents.

Those times, though they didn't last, helped Dave & I with the difficult times we were facing.  It was a safe haven in a time of crisis for us.  John & Jeanne Fry provided a venue for all artists and for a season you could go there and soak in gentleness, kindness and expression.  So, while I was sorry to see it go, it was here for as long as it needed to be.  And some of the people that frequented there, I will never forget and will always keep in touch with, even if only on Facebook.

But today was so special for me to get to visit with Kim.  All around are absolutely amazing people with such interesting stories.  Today was a blessing for me, thank you Kim.

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