Thursday, January 23, 2014

Let Me Have A Wagging Tail Attitude

I must admit that when I woke this morning I definitely was not bright-eyed and bushy tailed.  My little friend woke me up wanting her breakfast about 4:30, I held her off for an hour before succumbing to her cuteness.  Knowing however that she will be starving long before the prescribed dinner hour of 4:30 p.m.  Oh well, some green beans and apple should tide her over. 
Got up, got dressed, put her halter on and we were out the door, through the door to our building onto the landing between the buildings, unlock the door that leads to the other building, up a couple stairs, down same stairs, around the corner to the elevator.  She being a Doxie is not supposed to go up and down stairs and the ones to our place are killer. 

*Grouch alert.  I am becoming more and more disenchanted with life in downtown Grants Pass.  Wine & hard liquor bottles...and worse...left in bushes in the little alley between buildings is gross.  So we hit the mean streets of GP.  ;)  I have changed our route to try and avoid the street people in the morning.  It seems the homeless, around here at least, are not so needy that they are gentle souls, they have become scary.  If they say something to you and you don't respond, watch out.  So since Dave has left, I take her out for the last time at 6:30, don't wanna be in that dark alley later than that.  That said, there are some guys that work at Rosso's and G Street that are sweethearts.  They love Sadie and she loves them, and when they are out on break, it's fine.

Sadie has become like Lady and the Tramp.  She has made friends with all the people that work around here and many carry treats for her.  :)  She will have to cultivate a new following in Vancouver.  ;)

But as we're walking i'm grumbling to myself.  I'm just tired, I wanna be with Dave like yesterday and it will still take some time.  I wanna be in a church i'm excited about, it's been a long time for that and I need it.  I wanna live where it's quiet, where you don't hear the drunks on the street along with the language.  Before you judge me, I will also say that I thank the Lord that we have a home at all, it's warm and cozy and was another one of my miracles when I got it.  It's just time to move on.

And i'm like, "C'mon God, what's the hold up?  I know all the things we say, 'You're in control, everything is according to Your timing, have faith', but i'm so tired, so weary."  It was then that I think I heard Him say, "Give me a break."  Ugh, busted.  I mean, i'm out walking, still able to in spite of the effects of diabetes, got my best friend beside me wagging her tail as she goes, plenty to eat and shelter from the cold.  BE GRATEFUL!!  Okay, corrected, back on track.

There are a lot of questions swirling through my head.  And being wired the way I am, they will continue.  So no big reason for this blog...just sayin'.

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