Friday, January 17, 2014

The Journey

I am thinking this morning of the struggling and obstacles that seem to never end.  Even blessed answers to years of prayer present new problems.  I am coming to believe that these struggles, how we overcome the obstacles, is the point really.  Because life is what it is, you never reach an end, until you reach the end.  There are financial issues, health issues, unsaved loved ones, on and on.  So I am finding, the point must be in how I tackle, look at, deal with these things. 

It changes my perspective some.  When I look at a situation seeking to find Him in it, whatever that looks like for the given circumstances, I become more sensitive to His rod and staff.  In taking up our cross daily, things are bound to get bloody.  The trick is not to bleed all over everyone else, keep it between He and I.  There is a sweetness that takes place when just He and I fellowship and tackle something together.  The relationship grows deeper, more precious.

I do know however, this is not that secretive, gotta look good so put on a smile thing.  There are times when we need to share with another believer.  The Word teaches this.  "Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep." Romans 12:15.  But running from friend to friend frantically when we struggle, often-times just leaves us weary and empty and friends the same.  All we really needed to do was go to the Fountain and be filled.

I am trying to process the last 7 years and am finding that more and more it really wasn't about money, or even provision.  It was about relationships, and the lessons I learned I will never forget.  Because we probably couldn't tell you many of the amounts of money needed, but we sure could tell you those who helped us, often-times sacrificially.  The love shown shakes you down to your core, and you know that God was in it.  Only He can repay, you know you will never be able to.

I'm still learning from all that's happen, and will continue to learn from what's happening now.  It's a process, a journey, and I think, as I said, the Journey's the point.

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