Tuesday, December 3, 2013

On Being A Woman

I've spent the morning online mostly, reviewing different articles and such and many of them were about women.  Some great, some mediocre and some lousy.  There is much ado about the female gender.

After perusing the last one, going over once again how badly we view our bodies, how we use them for power, how we are still fighting to get out from under a male-dominated society, I am so thankful for 1) belonging to Christ and finding my identity in Him alone, and 2) being 59 and less concerned with my body, other than health.

I am finding with the years comes an even more tender heart.  I simply cannot stand to see abuse of any kind, cruelty, injustice.  As these are inescapable, there are days when my heart is broke.  I witnessed an incident last night, and I came back inside with tears.  How many children endure so much worse, in how many homes in the world.  And all the cruelty to animals, specially those who are betrayed by those they trust.

Now, then there's family.  My son who still doesn't "get it."  He may be on his way to doing so, but not arrived yet.  Inextricable is defined:   1. a. So intricate or entangled as to make escape impossible.  That's my Josh, my memories of him when he was little are inextricably tied to my emotions about the man.  And while my heart breaks for the part of him that truly just can't understand, I can no longer be played.  That ended a few years ago, and i'm certainly not going back to it.

So, my point is that being a woman lends itself to hurting for those in pain, wanting to do something to help, but having the wisdom that only comes with age, to know that you can't help those that won't help themselves, no matter how much you love them.

The urgency of youth dissipates from the knowledge experience brings.  Very little in the past was truly time sensitive, was really more about impatience and self-centeredness.  

In all of this, there is Christ.  Being a woman of God can be very different.  As maturity comes, we lose people around us, people disappoint us, etc., that comes for everyone.  But when it comes to the Godly woman, there is One who knows, who helps, who bandages the wounds and carries us through.  

I come to know that it's really been all about Him and how I demonstrate(d) His love.  I am keenly aware of my failure to do so accurately many times, if at all.  Thankfully, this tender-heartedness that has come, also helps me see with His eyes, hear with His ears and long to ease pain.  

Let me be the kind of woman that helps when she can, loves always and is uncompromising when the choice is less than His calling. 

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