Friday, December 20, 2013

Lessons from Creation

Today's Monk in the World was on creation.  While walking Sadie this morning in town, there is a creek that runs through town to the river.  We pass over it going and coming back.  Going, there's not much to see, it's pretty, because a creek is always pretty, but we go on our way.  Coming home, we cross over and the creek is smaller there and lower.  I always look because water calls to me, always.  Rivers, creeks, falls, the ocean, something about water is life-affirming.  This morning, I looked down on our way back and had to stop and back up.  Scratching and standing right up to the water were two chickens.  There is housing all around here, so i'm sure they belonged to someone.  But how lovely for these creatures, they were beautiful, orange and white, healthy and plump, very, very pretty.  A hen and her rooster looking for tidbits at creeks edge, I imagine getting a drink from time to time.  They were not bothered at my and Sadie's presence, but rather experiencing their own moment, unconcerned about what might be a danger around them, or what might threaten their very life, simply at peace, doing what chickens do.

I need to learn this.  To just be, in the moment, doing what the Lord has given me to do and casting every anxiety upon Him, because He cares.  What peace should come with that, and yet I allow my mind to race off to dark, scary places, when all He has called me to do right now is be. 

I notice on walks that I see water, geese flying overhead in formation, or huddled on the ball fields in the cold morning fog, beauty surrounds me.  But occasionally, though I know it is present always, death presents itself in the form of a fallen bird, or half-eaten one.  The leaves themselves making such a beautiful carpet at the onset of Autumn, soon become darkened rubble beneath my feet. 

To observe it all, take it all in and accept it, in its beauty and in its ugliness, that is the goal. 

There are injustices to rage against, causes to take up, but the ebb and flow of life are not those.  God holds me and my days are in His hands, the good and the not so good.  I must come to a place of constant peace, fully believing this and trusting.

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