Friday, February 28, 2014

If These Walls Could Talk

Time to move is getting closer, will pack up a truck a week from tomorrow.  My mind is so preoccupied.  In the midst of trying to get everything into boxes, thrown out or given away, I am also dealing with some feminine issues that will involve an outpatient surgery on Tues.  (Appreciate prayers.)  As cancer is so prevalent, it is on my mind and robbing me of some of the joy of this move.  But as I spend more time in prayer and contemplation, peace is restored and I find rest in His arms.  Blessed be the name of the Lord.

And now that the apartment is really looking different, I am reminiscing about what all has happened here.  This place was my miracle home.  The Lord arranged it all.  The gal that was living here was moving after about 15 years, she did not take care of it.  She raised rabbits in the floor of the kitchen where the drawers should've been for one thing.  I was prepared to do whatever it took to get back to CA, didn't work out, night before leaving for Monterey to see Molly, my good, good friend, Ginger, told me this would be available and if I wanted it, she would talk to the landlord.  Well, CA didn't work out, she wheeled and dealed for me, lol, and our sweet landlord gave me a great deal, plus he was re-doing it all, though spending was limited, Ginger & I got to pick the flooring.  When it was done, it looked like the Taj Mahal to me!!!  I had spend the year prior living with my mom, which drove us both crazy, lol.  So with all its funkiness, it was home and beautiful to me. 

Some other miracles took place here...big ones.  Molly & I, separated every other week all her childhood, and then when she was at college, got to be together.  Not the best circumstances, when she told her dad she was going to see me, he took her car, cell phone, everything and withdrew college tuition.  (If you don't know the history, it was HE who committed adultery and left me).  He really had no reason to act as he did, but he did, and no one was surprised.  So she came to live with me, eventually met Will and they married and lived here for a couple years.

Then my sweetest miracle of ever, God gave me David.  Long story, most of you know it, we met because our kids were getting married.....we were married 8 months later.  I thank God every day for the gift of this man.  He can make me crazy, lol, but I love him with all that is within me.
And we were gifted our Sadie-bug.  Another story for another time. 

But my mind is filled with sweet memories here.  Josh lived here a few times, my grandson, Caspian, came home here from the hospital after being born.

So, while it is clearly time to go, would've had to anyhow, the building has been sold and they are gutting our apartment, it does indeed hold precious memories and my heart overflows with gratitude to the Lord who works miracles every day in our lives. 

I was born with a melancholy bent, so this would be intense for me anyhow, just the way i'm wired.  Such beautiful things happened here.  There have been years of hardship, but the Lord was always with us, always provided and filled this home with love.  I will never forget it as long as I live.  I am looking forward to getting settled and writing about all these years and how faithful our Lord is.

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