Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A New Life

So here I am.  There's a miracle walking around my house every day and I can hardly believe it sometimes.  The ups and downs, many more downs, his own personal 4-year long ordeal, and here's this man.  Looks just like Josh. ;)  But gone is the anger, the entitlement attitude, the ungratefulness and so much more.  Here stands a man transformed by the Spirit of the Living God.  People rarely change, they can if they work really, really hard, but what they don't have is that sweet spirit that only the Lord can give us.  And I see it in my son.  He is considerate, thankful to us and God, helpful around here, etc.  I could go on and on about how he's changed and the things he does, but my point in this is the power of God to bring change and give peace, not as the world gives.

There is a sweetness to Josh now that was not there before.  God, in His mighty love, either brings us to where we realize our need for salvation, or uses what we've done to ourselves or our circumstances to do that.  As my Pastor said, He's chasing us because He wants to bless us and we run from Him!  So true for us all until we surrender to that big love. 

I don't really wanna make this an ode to Josh, but I wasn't there to watch the change, I only saw before and after, and I can tell you that "after" is remarkably different than "before."  And as his mom, the greatest thing for me in it all, is to know that deep in his heart, he now has peace and that we will be together in Heaven.  As I get older, I have come to realize that eternity is what life is all about, as paradoxical as that sounds.  So, part of my days right now are spent gratefully in conversation and sharing with my re-born son.

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