Wednesday, May 13, 2015

He Walks In

He walks in
My mama-heart pounding in anticipation
Surrounded by guards, metal tables and chairs
All I see is his face, his countenance
All at once, everything is okay
My son, my son, sacred words to my heart and mind
As he walks to me, the years whiz by
Scraped knees bandaged and kissed
Laughter at silliness and funny movies
Homework on the dining table
Little boy dreams and young man's disillusionment
And at his arrival, we hug, heartfelt and long
He's alright, he's alright, he's not hurt, he's in one piece
Release, relief and hope come to fullness in this room
And as we talk and laugh, it's in both our eyes
Anticipation and scary hope for better days ahead
And as I touch his arm, I know I am touching prayers answered
I know I am seeing Him in his eyes and my heart soars
Then we hug again, another goodbye, how I hate them
And I pray again, Lord protect him, keep him safe
And let him know how much I love him...
And that You love him more.

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