Monday, August 26, 2013

Gently Carpe Diem

I was reminded recently that life is short, no one knows what each day holds.  So, within reason, I am making some slightly different decisions.  Little ones, usually only I know that i've done so.  

I am making some choices, one being to spend more time with loved ones being the top priority.  After that, and this one's tricky, to choose quality over quantity.  Being aware of precious time does not mean to abuse anything.  

I think one of the things most wasted is time, particularly when you are in the circumstances that we, and many others unemployed, are in.  There is simply no way round it.  You do not feel able to volunteer for much, and so you have all this time.  But even that can be put to better use if you try.  Learn a language, read some literature, etc.   

I am also trying to be more attentive to the leading of the Holy Spirit.  We visited another church yesterday.  How refreshing for the Spirit to have free reign.  That does not mean craziness, it means following His lead.  The peace of silence and His speaking to my heart has been longed for, for some time.  I could feel Him, I sensed His presence in the quiet of my soul, it was affirming and loving and warm.  I need those things now, and as much as I can get.  There were "words" from the Lord that spoke to me and let me know He sees, He knows and He has not abandoned us, help will come in His time.

This morning I realized I have this blog.  No one reads it really, but that's okay, I write for me, always have.  Just get it out.  My writing is not eloquent or grammatically correct much of the time, but it's always, always from the heart.

And so, on this Monday, the start of a new week, I will do my best to lay down some new paths and think some new thoughts and believe with all my heart that God loves us.

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