Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Daughters of the King

For some time now, when I have heard this particular phrase, I bristle inside.  Knowing it was actually Biblical, I didn't know why it bugged me so much.  I have figured it out. 

The phrase is Daughter of the King.  Every time i've heard it, it is a claim to special treatment, worthy of royalty, that one is special, a little higher gal than the rest of the others.

I understand that when some people use this phrase, they are simply reminding a Christian woman of how the Lord loves her and that she belongs to Him. 

But so many more times, the implication is that because you are a Daughter of the King, you are more important than other women and girls.  That somehow you should be exempt from heartache, from people hurting you, from hardship. 

All women are daughters of the King.  It all started in Eden and we were all created in His image.  The King is all women's Father.  I have to say that I dislike all elitist thinking, including this one.

To remind a young woman that she is a daughter of the King so that she behaves differently isn't necessarily a bad thing, in that sometimes we need to be reminded to Whom we belong, and return to our first love.  But to infer that because you are a daughter of the King, you shouldn't allow people to treat you badly, or that you deserve the best in life, is wrong.  What about the women who haven't come to the Lord yet?  Don't they deserve to be treated right as well?  Don't they need to be loved and valued just as they are?  Every woman has potential for beauty.  And in Christ, we are all lovely.  But even as a daughter of the King, I am to remain humble and find my identity in Him alone.  I will not need to be reminded Who my Father is if I abide in Him.

Just sayin'.  Mini-rant done.  ;)

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