Friday, April 25, 2014

Mother's Lament


The letters come one after another
None are good, but how could they be
He betrayed himself
And in so doing, removed his presence
And my mother's heart aches
Day-in, day-out
The ever-present knowledge that he is not here
He is there
Somewhere that exists only in my nightmares
But he is living it
My precious boy, starting out so shiny and beautiful
Now in an unimaginable hell
Every sad occurrence is even sadder
And every joy watered down
Josh, I cannot know your suffering
But I know mine
And to be cognizant that you do suffer
Screams in my brain every single day
I need to get to you, I need to help you
And I can't and no amount of money could
So I turn to the only One who truly knows your heart
And mine
And gives me comfort and hope
Extinguishes the fiery darts of Wisconsin
I hope, I break down, I sob
I wait.

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