Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hello Vancouver!

We made the move!  Arrived in our new home last Sunday, with lots of help from what we hope will be our new church home.  Such sweet people to help us, whom they've never met.  Not to mention the help from those we love and those we met at the time when we left.  Much thanks from our hearts to all who so generously helped us.  I asked Edgewater Church in Grants Pass for some help, and they showed up and were a great help to us, again, whom they'd not met previously.  How sweet is the body of Christ!

Because of the past 6 years, I remain a bit skittish, but for as long as it lasts, I am overwhelmed with peace and blessedness.  We are renting a really nice 3-bdrm home in Vancouver, WA.  It suits us, Dave found it, he did good.  :)  I had not seen it, but told him to go for it as I could take his absence no longer.  We got our TV, internet and phone yesterday, how wonderful to be connected again.

Once we get everything unpacked, I will begin to work on telling about the past 6 years.  The ups and downs, but the point is God's faithfulness...amazing.  As I write, I think that's the most precious thing I learned, God is faithful.  You may have a job, you may not, you may have an idyllic place to live, or a "make-do" place, you may have a spouse, you may not, God is with you and He is faithful to care for you.

For now, this day, March 15, 2014, my heart is full to overflowing with gratitude.  To see Sadie run and play in the yard and lay in the sun pouring in the kitchen, to have everything clean and fresh, to kiss Dave goodbye in the morning before leaving for work, and again upon his arrival home is bliss to me.  Because of those 6 years (I really will have to come up with a clever name for them) I am much more aware of what's important in life, people and love.  We have left the most precious people, and I suspect that those from the old Calvary Church of Grants Pass are truly special and do not expect to meet such pure hearts that love God and follow Him with such tenderness anywhere else, still, we look forward to a new church family. 

More later, this is growing too long.  For now, Dave and the pup are asleep, the house is quiet and boxes are piled everywhere, awaiting's like Christmas!  :)

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